Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum 2022 – Hong Kong’s Digital Entertainment & Metaverse Extravaganza

In the era evolving from Web2 to Web3, this internet of the future will be transcending every dimension of digital entertainment from esports, gaming, metaverse, arts, sports to human experiences and audience engagement. The transparent and open ecosystem creates endless market opportunities in the realms of technology innovation, business, investment, career, wellness and more. What will the future of entertainment and creative economy hold with the convergence of reality and virtuality leveraging blockchain, AI and immersive technologies?

More than industry insights, DELF 2022 will present an array of live youth esports tournaments and show matches by esports celebrities, ArtTech experiences, innovator showcases and investment pitching. Join us at -38, 111 on 26-28 Aug to get your POAP, receive limited edition NFT wearables, and immerse in the new dimension of digital entertainment beyond reality and virtuality! Jump back in anytime before Sep 26 to revisit the metaverse experience!

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