Metaverse Integration

Metaverse Integration

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Architectural design, integratable 3D assets, designed for the metaverse realm, monetizing virtual items for brands.


VIRTRIX HQ: 8 parcels of Land (2x4) with a floor size of 2,048 sqm over 6 floors.

VIRTRIX HQ is an ecosystem within Decentraland for social, gaming, entertainment, and business. Through scalable land ownership for multi-purpose communal and commercial spaces, we invest, develop, and design digital worlds, unlocking value that drives interaction.

This is the brave new world we have developed based in Decentraland, a community-centric building complex with a variety of communal and commercial spaces that drives social interaction. Introducing a new form of curated events such as music festivals, live concerts, art exhibition, game experience and movie screenings, a dynamic vision of the metaverse.