Made in Japan 3.0: Defining a New Phy-gital Reality
Powered by Startrail

Venue: G01, K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong
Date: 23 Apr - 15 May, 2022. Opening hours: 12pm - 8pm


In an increasingly digital-first world, the Japanese creative industries have quickly adopted new hybrid models to elevate physical and digital experiences to new heights. Using blockchain technology and NFTs, “Made in Japan 3.0: Defining a New Phy-gital Reality” will showcase some of the most cutting-edge Japanese creative works of fashion, art, and craft that exist between physical and virtual worlds.

Powered by Startrail, Japan’s leading blockchain / web3 infrastructure for the fine art industry, the exhibition brings together unique physical-meets-digital pieces from TOMO KOIZUMI and ANREALAGE, acclaimed Japanese fashion designers and finalists of the LVMH Prize; products from B-OWND, an online marketplace specializing in Japanese modern crafts including artworks from ceramist Takahiro Koga; and artworks from Yuma Kishi, a Japanese contemporary artist using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to produce digital portraits featured by Nike and Vogue. We believe that NFT technology unlocks the concept of the “digital twin,” a parallel universe where art meets technology and traditions meets innovation. With its focus on Japanese art and technology, the exhibition will explore the ways in which ‘Made in Japan’ avant-garde fashion, modern craft, and post-Pop Art can translate to audiences in the physical and digital realms, beyond physicality.

當世界走向虛實同體,日本的創意產業已成功將藝術與數碼科技融合, 創造出虛實交融的藝術體驗。當人均壽命將達百年,NFT技術亦引領藝術衝破了物理時空的界限。

Made in Japan 3.0展是由日本首屈一指的藝術x區塊鏈新創公司 Startbahn 所策劃, 透過最頂尖的時裝, 藝術與工藝帶你進入實則虛之的最高境界。所有展出作品的重要資料亦將永存於 Web3 基礎設施 Startrail 之上。

參展者包括日本時裝界最炙手可熱的新銳 TOMO KOIZUMI (小泉智貴) 與 ANREALAGE。前者為名歌手 MISIA 設計了東京奧運開幕典禮的出場服裝, 而後者則為 LVMH PRIZE 的決賽參賽者與 PARIS COLLECTION 的常客。

此外,日本新世代工藝品平台 B-OWND 旗下的超人氣瓷器職人古賀崇洋及曾參與 NIKE X UNDERCOVER 與 VOGUE 等企劃,善長以人工智能配合創作的藝術家岸裕真等最強新生代亦會傾力參展。

虛實相生 Made in Japan 3.0

Fashion Brands, Artists and Designers

Artists and Designers Biographies


ANREALAGE is a leading Japanese label that was shortlisted for the LVMH Prize in 2019. ANREALAGE’s designer Kunihiko Morinaga was born in Tokyo in 1980. He graduated from Waseda University, in social sciences. While going to university, he started learning fashion design at Vantan Design Institute. In 2003, he launched his own brand “ANREALAGE”. ANREALAGE is a combination of the words "REAL", "UNREAL" and "AGE". In 2005, ANREALAGE presented its first collection for Tokyo Fashion Week at the Tokyo Tower, and won the GEN ART 2005 Avant-garde prize for young designers in New York. After his 10 years of collection in Tokyo, he started presenting at Paris Fashion Week from 2014. He was selected as finalist for the「ANDAM FASHION AWARD」in 2015 in France. In 2017, ANREALAGE held the “A LIGHT UN LIGHT” exhibition in Japan as well as the traveling exhibition JAPAN HOUSE in LA and Sao Paulo and also participated in exhibitions at the Pompidou Center Metz, Rothschild Museum, and Mori Art Museum. In 2019, he was selected as a finalist for the LVMH Prize in France, and won the 37th Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix in the same year. In 2020, ANREALAGE presented a collaboration collection with Fendi from Italy for Milano Fashion Week. He also designed the official uniform for Expo 2020 Dubai starting from 2021.

ANREALAGE是一個日本的領先品牌,曾入圍2019年的LVMH Prize。設計師森永邦彦 (Kunihiko Morinaga) 於1980年出生於東京,後畢業於早稻田大學社會科學系。就學期間,他開始在VANTAN設計研究所學習時裝設計,並於2003年推出個人品牌 ANREALAGE。品牌名取自「REAL」、「UNREAL」和「AGE」三個詞的組合。2005年,ANREALAGE在東京鐵塔舉辦的東京時裝週中展示了其第一個系列作品,並獲得了 GEN ART 2005 紐約年輕設計師前衛獎。在東京發表了10年的系列後,他於2014年開始在巴黎時裝週上亮相,並於2015年入圍法國「ANDAM FASHION AWARD」決賽。 2017年,ANREALAGE在日本舉辦了「A LIGHT UN LIGHT」展覽,在洛杉磯和聖保羅舉辦了JAPAN HOUSE巡迴展,並參加了梅斯蓬皮杜中心、羅斯柴爾德博物館和森美術館的展覽。 2019年,入圍法國LVMH Prize決賽,同年獲得第37屆每日新聞時尚大賞。 2020 年,ANREALAGE 與 Fendi 為米蘭時裝週推出了合作系列。此外還從 2021 年開始為 2020 年杜拜世博會設計官方制服。


HIRUME is a ​​Japanese boutique studio that stands as a “laboratory for arts and crafts.” At the end of globalization, as William Morris foresaw in the latter half of the 19th century, art and life will reunite. HIRUME is a laboratory where chemical reactions are created by encountering traditional craft techniques and motifs with contemporary design, art, and fashion. HIRUME is also a brand that supports the development of successors to traditional crafts of Japan. HIRUME conveys to the world the power of Japanese manufacturing that circulates between ancient, modern, and future.

HIRUME是一個來自日本的精品工作室,其精神為「藝術和工藝的實驗室」。正如威廉莫里斯在 19 世紀下半葉所預見的,在全球化的盡頭,藝術和生活將重新結合。HIRUME通過將傳統工藝技術和圖案與當代設計、藝術和時尚相結合,產生化學反應。HIRUME也是一個支持日本傳統工藝傳承發展的品牌,其作品向世界展現了在古代、現代和未來之間循環的日本創作能量。

Masaya Kushino

Masaya Kushino is a Japanese designer who graduated from Kyoto Art College of Design fashion design course, later studied in Istituto MARANGONI in Milan, Italy, and also completed a Diburoma in Fashion Design Master Course. After returning home to Japan, he was awarded the Grand Prix at "JILA LEATHER GOODS AWARD 2007", to expand his leather goods brand, with a special focus on his sculptural shoe designs. Inspired by nature, Kushino combines traditional and cutting-edge technology to produce shoes with the theme of “final design”. He is currently focused on integrating art with science, such as biotechnology. His works have been acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum, England, and the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

串野真也 (Masaya Kushino) 是一位日本設計師。畢業於京都藝術設計學院服裝設計系,後於意大利米蘭的Istituto MARANGONI進修,並完成了Diburoma的服裝設計碩士課程。回到日本後,他獲得了「JILA LEATHER GOODS AWARD 2007」大賞,以此契機擴展他的皮具品牌,並特別關注於雕塑鞋的設計。受到大自然的啟發,串野將傳統和尖端技術相結合,生產出以「最終設計」為主題的鞋履。他目前專注於將藝術與科學如生物技術的結合,其作品已被英國維多利亞和阿爾伯特博物館以及紐約時裝技術學院收購珍藏。


TOMO KOIZUMI is one of Japan's leading young designers and has been called a “breakout star” by Business of Fashion. He has been selected as one of the 500 most powerful figures of the fashion industry by BoF500. Born in Japan in 1988, Koizumi studied arts at the National Chiba University, during which time he launched his namesake brand, and graduated in 2012. While working as a costume designer, Lady Gaga wore one of his designs on a visit to Tokyo in 2016. He debuted TOMO KOIZUMI at the Autumn/Winter 2019 shows in New York, attracting international recognition and acclaim. In 2020, he was one of the winners of the LVMH Prize. Koizumi showcased his Autumn/Winter 2019 collection during New York Fashion Week, orchestrated by Katie Grand, Love magazine Editor-in-Chief. Since then, Koizumi’s work has featured in international editions of Vogue, Love, V and WWD. He has also dressed Miley Cyrus and was commissioned by the actress and singer Miriam Yeung for her world tour. In 2019, Thailand-based fashion editor and entrepreneur Nichapat Sop Hap wore one of Koizumi's designs to the Met Gala and singer-songwriter Misia wore one of his dresses to perform at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 opening ceremony.

小泉智貴 (TOMO KOIZUMI) 是日本領先的年輕設計師之一,被Business of Fashion雜誌 (BoF) 讚賞為「新銳之星」,亦被評選為BoF500時尚界 500位最具影響力的人物之一。1988年出生於日本,小泉在國立千葉大學學習藝術時推出了自己的同名品牌,並於2012年畢業。2016年擔任服裝設計師期間,Lady Gaga曾到訪東京並選擇穿著他的時裝作品亮相。他在紐約的2019年秋冬秀場上首次推出TOMO KOIZUMI品牌,迅速吸引了國際的認可與讚譽。 2020年,小泉被選為LVMH Prize時尚新銳設計師獎的獲獎者之一。小泉在紐約時裝週期間展示了他的2019年秋冬系列,該系列由 Love 雜誌主編 Katie Grand 精心策劃。 從那時起,小泉的作品就出現在 Vogue、Love、V 和 WWD 的國際版中。 他為麥莉賽勒斯 (Miley Cyrus) 造型,並受女演員兼歌手楊千嬅 (Miriam Yeung) 的委託,為她的世界巡演提供特製的表演服裝。泰國時尚編輯兼企業家 Nichapat Sop Hap 在2019 年的 Met Gala 上以小泉的設計作品現身。日本知名歌手 Misia 更穿著其品牌禮服於 2020 年東京奧運會開幕式上表演。


A custom-designed garment can provide not only great functionality, but also a sense of enrichment and freedom to the person who wears it. Having had designed many costumes for artists all over the world, YUIMA NAKAZATO developed a desire to bring the joy and comfort of one-of-a-kind garments to more people. With a sculptor father and a jeweler mother, designer Nakazato was raised in an environment surrounded by modern art and various forms of expression from early childhood. He began making clothes by self-education before entering the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp's Fashion Department. Nakazato’s graduation collection earned multiple awards in Europe. In 2016, Yuima Nakazato presented his first Paris Couture collection as an official guest designer selected by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. He continually combines the latest technology and craftsmanship in his creative processes.

一件量身定做的服裝不僅可以提供蔽體防寒的功能,更可以為穿著者帶來豐富和自由的感受。在為世界各地的藝術家設計了多套服裝後,中里悠馬 (YUIMA NAKAZATO) 渴望將其獨一無二的服裝所帶來的快樂和舒適分享給更多的人。父親是雕塑家,母親是珠寶商,設計師中里從小就在現代藝術和各種表現形式包圍的環境中長大。在進入安特衛普皇家美術學院時裝系前,他已開始自學製作服裝。中里的畢業作品系列初試啼聲,便在在歐洲各地贏得多個獎項。 2016年,作為Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture的官方客座設計師,中里展示了他的第一個巴黎高級時裝系列。他不斷將最新的技術和工藝結合到創作過程中,每每帶給觀者耳目一新的感動。


B-OWND is a Japanese online marketplace that celebrates works of craft as the highest quality of art, expressing the beauty of Japan. By carefully introducing artists and works, B-OWND aims to be a platform that connects artists and collectors of fine craft in the modern age, as products are sold with their accompanying blockchain digital work certificates.


Takahiro Koga

Born in Fukuoka prefecture, Koga is one of the leading examples of modern Japanese ceramics artists. Clay he blends and fire he directs, Koga skillfully brings together different elements in breathing life into his works to offer both quality and unique messaging in equal measure.

At an evolving intersection of art and crafts, he employs century old techniques to release compelling messages to the modern society through his works. He views his works as the counter to the society where uniformity increasingly governs, and his life as a continuous refinement of counter messages.

Koga’s best known works include “SPIKY series” and wearable ceramics.He has held numerous solo exhibitions in Japan and entered art fairs overseas. His works have been shown at Foire de Paris and Salone del Milano. He has also collaborated with Manga artists and apparel brands.



古賀最有名的作品包括「SPIKY系列 」和可穿戴陶瓷。他在日本舉辦過多次個人展覽,並參加了海外的藝術博覽會。其作品曾在巴黎國際藝術節和米蘭國際藝術節上展出。此外,他也多次與漫畫家和服裝品牌合作。

Yuma Kishi

Yuma Kishi is a Japanese new media artist whose work has been featured by Nike and Vogue. Having exhibited multiple times throughout Tokyo, he considers Artificial Intelligence (AI) not as something that imitates people, but as alien intelligence from another dimension. By installing this intelligence into his own body and lending it as a substitute, Kishi creates works in which the digital intelligence and the analog body are always placed in a parallel relationship.In his works, he often borrows motifs from past art history, which are distortedly combined with technology to evoke a sense of momentary dislocation in the viewer's awareness of the self and the world that exists in the here and now.

岸裕真 (Yuma Kishi) 是一位日本新媒體藝術家,其作品曾被Nike和Vogue報導推薦。在東京多次展出後,他認為人工智能(AI) 並非模仿人類的存在,而是來自另一個維度的外星智能。通過將這種智能植入自己的身體並作為替代品,岸創造出數字智能和模擬身體被置於一種平行的關係的作品。其作品經常藉由扭曲地將過往藝術史中的主題與科技相結合,喚起觀者對自我和存在於此時此地的世界的瞬間錯位感。


SBINFT Co.,Ltd  is an SBI Group company that operates the NFT marketplace "nanakusa" (‘SBINFT Market’ since March 17). Through the NFT marketplace, SBINFT provides a variety of content based on the latest technologies such as blockchain and virtual space, as well as comprehensive services related to the NFT business such as community building, technical support, and consulting for sales strategy planning.

SBINFT Co.,Ltd是日本SBI集團旗下的公司,運營NFT市場「NANAKUSA」。通過此NFT市場,SBINFT提供基於區塊鍊和虛擬空間等最新技術的多種內容,以及社群建設、技術支持、銷售戰略規劃諮詢等與NFT業務相關的綜合服務。

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Exhibition Organizers

Startbahn, Inc.

Startbahn is a leading Japanese art tech company providing blockchain infrastructure to empower stakeholders across the entire art market spectrum. Startbahn operates Startrail, a sustainable and scalable blockchain infrastructure that assures the reliability, authenticity, and traceability of artworks, including NFTs. Statbahn’s clients include notable auction houses, artists, galleries, private collectors, and content holders, amongst others.


Startrail is a sustainable and scalable blockchain infrastructure that assures the reliability, authenticity, and traceability of artworks, including NFTs. Startrail has a strong focus on the art ecosystem and a long-term perspective to protect and increase artworks’ value. Startrail maintains and assures the value of artworks by permanently recording provenance as well as auction and exhibition history. Artists can also set terms for their issued artworks, including royalty rights, that may be triggered after their primary sale.

Virtual Exhibition Partner


VIRTRIX is a Hong Kong based VR/AR/metaverse architecture and NFT solutions partner specialized in developing virtual experience for fashion, art, and live entertainment, taking brands and businesses through their web 3.0 transformation journey and actualizing new business potential. VIRTRIX’s projects include virtual art gallery and exhibition, digital fashion retail pop-up and showroom, metaverse building, live event and game development.

Exhibition Sponsors


Tanseisha aims to contribute to the enrichment of society and people’s lives by creating better spaces. Based in Shinagawa, Tokyo, and established in 1949, Tanseisha provides solutions for commercial spaces such as retail establishments, cultural spaces such as museums, exhibition and event spaces, and many more environments for various social interaction. From research and planning, all the way to design, construction, spatial direction using digital technology and operations, we offer full support throughout the whole creative process.


TBS Television (Japanese: TBSテレビ) is the flagship station of the Japan News Network (JNN), owned-and-operated by the Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc, subsidiary of JNN's owner, TBS Holdings. It operates in the Kantō region. The TBS Group aims to deliver timeless content and services to the world, respecting diverse values and striving to make a positive contribution to society.


Wacom is the global leader in the pen display and tablet market for creative users. As a technology company, we provide cutting-edge digital ink solutions for a wide range of partners using and producing smartphones, tablets and digital stationery.


SBINFT is the latest venture of SBI Holdings, a Japanese corporate entity that provides a variety of one-stop financial services over the Internet now that two major events, the Financial Big Bang resulting from deregulation, and the Internet Revolution resulting from IT innovation, have radically transformed the financial industry.

SBINFT Co., Ltd. operates the NFT marketplace 「nanakusa」, a service that allows users to issue, sell, and purchase NFTs. Through the NFT marketplace, SBINFT provides a wide variety of content based on the latest technologies such as blockchain and metaverse, in addition to consulting services such as community building, technical support, and sales strategy planning to maximize the value of NFT.